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Relaunching Teamspeak


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Our VATCAN TeamSpeak is being relaunched!

This relaunch and revamp will allow for additional integrations to take place between our TeamSpeak server and the VATCAN website.

But we need your help to do it.

Effective 11:30pm EDT 13th September 2021, all members connecting to the VATCAN TeamSpeak will need to integrate their VATCAN.ca Profile to the VATCAN TeamSpeak.

Here is the steps on how to connect:
1.    Ensure TeamSpeak is not running.
2.    Visit https://vatcan.ca/my/integrations and login if required.
3.    Under the TeamSpeak section click on Generate Code.
4.    Click on Connect Now.

If clicking Connect Now does not work, continue with the following steps.
5.    Note the generated code, you will need it later.
6.    Open TeamSpeak.
7.    From the Connections menu, click Connect or press CTRL+S.
8.    Under Server Nickname or Address, enter ts.vatcan.ca.
9.    Under Nickname, enter the generated code you noted in Step 3.
10.    Click Connect.

Once your VATCAN.ca Profile is linked to TeamSpeak, you can re-connect using your preferred nickname.
We hope this added integration between VATCAN.ca and the VATCAN TeamSpeak server will benefit the VATCAN community and its membership.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the VATCAN Executive or your FIR Staff.

Thank you,
VATCAN Executive

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