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Phil Dowling

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I have made the decision to vacate the Toronto FIR Chief position.  Josh has been unavoidably detained with his real world career and therefore cannot fulfil the Chief role.  In his time in the role, Josh has done a fantastic job in keeping Toronto stable and on a level path.  Unfortunately, as we all know, real world commitments must come first to our hobby, so I wish Josh the greatest of success in his career and hope we will be able to welcome him back to Toronto in the near future.

Replacing Josh will be Brendan McCurry.  Brendan has been looking after Toronto as Deputy Chief in Josh's absence and has been doing a fantastic job of leading the FIR during some very challenging times.  So please join me in welcoming Brendan to the role and wishing him the greatest success for the future.

Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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