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CZQO Chief.

Phil Dowling

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Yesterday, I accepted the resignation from the CZQO Chief position from Andrew Ogden.

Andrew has led our Gander Oceanic group for some 4 years now.  In that time he has done an incredible job of building up the staffing, processes and quality of Oceanic activities.  He has worked tirelessly with his Oceanic team on improving the Oceanic OCA.

The good news is, we will not be saying goodbye to Andrew, he will be sticking around.  He is joining the Vancouver FIR as Chief Instructor, helping to fill that team and also bringing his incredible talents to that team, so please join me both in thanking Andrew for his past efforts and wishing him the best for his future efforts.

I will be posting the CZQO Chief position momentarily.


Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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Andrew, for the last 10 months or so, I have had the amazing opportunity to work alongside you. Throughout those months, I've learnt so much from you and have been extremely lucky in being able to work and learn from you. Although we will of course not be saying goodbye or anything like that, I would still like to say a massive thank you for giving me the opportunities you've given. You were an amazing FIR Chief for something as delicate as Gander Oceanic and have been running one of the best ships out there and you've left huge shoes to fill. I'll see you around and congrats on the new position at YVR! More than well deserved!

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Thank you andrew for all the work you have done on the VATSIM network on the CZQO staff team. You were amazing to work with for events and though we most likely wont work together as often as you're now on the other side of the country I can't wait to see what amazingness you bring to CZVR. From me and the entire CZQM staff team, it's sad to see you're not our neighbor any more but congratulations on the new position!

Wishing you all the best as Vancover Cheif Instructor,


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Jack Koskie

Events/Communications Coordinator

Moncton/Gander FIR



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This is a bit of an emotional one, Andrew and I's partnership in VATSIM and especially Gander Oceanic for the past 4 years has been a great honour for both of us. Andrew can be proud of everything he has contributed to our division and the network, bringing a profile to oceanic that has not previously been seen here. Although maintaining something as delicate (to quote David) and involving as much diplomacy as oceanic creates some harsh challenges, Andrew didn't give up in the face of them, and his legacy in the role will be here for years to come. I'm thankful for his support to me as well as his on and off deputy director, and until recently his IT dev, and most importantly as a friend.

Good luck in your next role, Andrew!

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Liesel Downes | C3 | she/her
Gander Oceanic Controller

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