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"Weekly Topics" Revival

Michael Oxner

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(Cross-posted from ATC Forum)

I've had a few requests regarding my nearly-twenty-year-old "Aviation Topic of the Week" series that I wrote over 18 months in 2003-04. Oddly enough, some of those queries came from real-world pilots, too.

Last year, there was much discussion about bringing them back, and with the latest round of interest put together with the fact that I have my own domain and website, I decided I'd look into posting them. I rewrote the introduction page because it needed it sorely (I mentioned that I was in my 30s in there, sheesh!) but because other things have changed, as well. In many cases, the information is in bad need of the promised rewrite. So while I aim to get that done, it won't be a simple process and it won't be done anytime soon.

In the meantime, these can be found now at:

Aviation Topic of the Week -- Introduction

The updates that will be required are many (for example, RVSM was just being introduced in Canadian domestic and ICAO-delegated airspace near the end of that run, so the cruising altitudes portion on the first topic was out-of-date before the original run even ended). Other items have arisen needing their own topics, and more clarity can be added to existing pages. Surprisingly, a lot of it has stood up alright, so with the caveat of "use at your own risk", I've made them available in their original form until I get them rewritten.

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