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CZYZ Staff Hires: CI and AEC

Brendan McCurry

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Evening All,

A couple of quick announcements.....

I'd like to thank the applicants for the open positions posted last month, we had many strong choices which made the final choice difficult.

For the position of Chief Instructor, the staff would like to congratulate Bence Takacs for stepping up and helping lead the training department. Bence has been a great home-grown controller and we are quite happy to have him taking on a very important role as we progress forward.

For the position of Assistant Events Coordinator, the staff would like to congratulate Isaiah Frazao.  Thanks for stepping up Isaiah and we look forward to seeing what great events you and Faiz get us involved in.

Lastly, I'd like to thank our outgoing CI Ben Stevenson again for all of his great work getting our training system to where it is today,  Ben is staying on staff as an INS so we will benefit from his teachings for a long while still.

Thanks all, and have a great evening!

Edited by Brendan McCurry

Brendan McCurry


Toronto FIR - Chief

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