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Thanks Travis!

Phil Dowling

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Hi All

It's with a great deal of sadness that I report that I have accepted the resignation from Deputy Division Director of Travis Chan.

Travis has been with VATCAN since 2017.  Taking on the role of VATCAN2 in 2018 and since then, has worked tirelessly in the background for the division.  As well as taking on roles as needed in various FIRs.  Travis currently "moonlights" in Toronto as Toronto's Facility Engineer.

Most importantly for me, Travis was a trusted advisor and good friend who I will miss, although I am sure as Travis will be continuing in Toronto, we shall continue to see him in and around the airwaves.

Please join me in thanking Travis for his dedication and support over the years and hope he enjoys his "semi" retirement.  Until he gets bored and starts looking for something to do again LOL 🙂


Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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