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Thanks Rob!

Phil Dowling

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Hi Again All

In what seems to be a day for sad news, it is my duty to report that I reluctantly accepted the resignation from the role of Divisional Training Director of Rob Nabieszko.  

Rob, having currently been going through some very positive and wonderful career changes has decided he needs to step back a little and focus on those items as well as his family, as well he might!

Rob has been with VATCAN for many many years.  He joined as Training Director in 2016 and I think over the years, we can all agree has made many positive and wonderful impacts.  Whether it be in Divisional policies and training directives, the instructor training course and many more, as well as acting as an instructor in all of our FIRs when help was needed.

Again,  Rob is a trusted advisor and friend who I will miss, but again, he will be hanging around on the airwaves and has graciously agreed to continue running the instructor training course for us.  I will look forwards to hopefully Rob having more time to hang out on the scopes and in the air!

So please join me in thanking Rob for his efforts and dedication in the role and wish him the best for the future!

Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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I just want to say that it has been a pleasure serving this Division. Though I have disagreed with people at times, I have always done so hoping to hold VATCAN to the highest standards. However, the time has come for me to step aside and let some new ideas and perspective flow into this position.

Phil, it has been a pleasure to work with you and I will still remain an active member of this community as much as time permits.

Thank you all for your support over the years. I look forward to continuing to visit all of the FIRs as a pilot and controller.


Rob Nabieszko


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You have definitely set that bar high.  Thanks for the many, many, thankless hours you have put into the position and the division as a whole.  I enjoyed our joint ventures in the past together and look forward to your continued presence in our hobby. 

Brendan McCurry


Toronto FIR - Chief

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