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HQ Position Assignments

Phil Dowling

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Hi All

I am pleased to report that we have filled both the Deputy Division Director and Division Training Director roles.

I'd like to thank all those that applied, we had a number of excellent candidates and I feel we have the right folks in the roles to continue to progress VATCAN into the future.

For the Deputy Division Director, I would like to welcome Mark Walsh.  Some might say, Mark is an old hand at this game, although I am sure Mark would prefer less of the "old".  However Mark does come with a wealth of experience in VATSIM and VATCAN having been around the "block" a couple of times.  Mark has some great ideas and I very much look forwards to working with Mark.


For the Division Training Director, I have appointed Cody Newman.  Cody has been with VATCAN for some time.  Most recently in the Edmonton FIR along with learning to be a new dad.  However, now his "training wheels" are off we get him back and get to put him to work 😉. Cody also has some excellent credentials and experience from training in the real world and I look forwards to working with Cody on our training systems and methodologies.


Please welcome both Mark and Cody to their roles and we will look forwards to connecting with all the FIR staffs in the very near future.


Phil Dowling  (813710)
VATCAN Division Director

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